Holidays      Fasting Cures Diseases

We Newfoundlanders are a Western people. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen our identity in Newfoundland. The Newfoundland people have a beauty others are trying to destroy. At least 95% of the Newfoundlander population should have brunette hair or lighter.

We will be traveling to Newfoundland and talking to Newfoundlanders about their lives and what values are important to them. As in all European homelands, the productive yin and yang gender relationship that our ancestors used to productively grow our societies has been replaced by hatred of family and reproduction instilled by our rulers.

Also, the health standards and the wisdom of nutrition and fasting that helped our ancestors reproduce in greater numbers and live healthier lives has been replaced in some institutions by propaganda meant to keep people sick and ignorant.

Our goal is to help grow the Canadian population one family at a time. While women help shape the future minds of our society and make a productive home, men should earn as much wealth as they can and being to remove it from jurisdiction of our banker slave masters.

The impressive male salmon struggles up stream, swimming towards its own death for the reproduction of its majestic species. Thankfully we have evolved to live beyond reproduction. Our minds and bodies are our guides to how we should live our lives. They tell us of the benefits of making a future for our creativity and beauty and in so doing prove to us those objective truths. The degree of objectivity aforementioned does not meet the level of mathematical or physical laws, but does surpass that of individual preferences. Animals of many genera recognize the beauty of color and symmetry, two qualities illustrated greatly in the physical traits of many individuals of our multiple species. Our unique physical proportions are recognized as attractive by members of all extant species of the genus Sermo. The fact that the complex systems in our universe can be appreciated by creative minds most proves to us the objective value of creativity. Our languages, customs, sciences and other areas of our cultures are expressions created by our complex and beautiful identities.

The beauty of our languages is realized most when spoken and song by our women. The creativity of our men has produced technology that we have cowardly allowed our enemies to use to hurt our genetics. Without specific eugenic planning this cannot be counteracted. The limits of technology and how it can be used to destroy us is unknown. In case our sun is not eternal, we should be prepared to leave this solar system if possible to ensure the everlasting life of our species. Before doing so we must survive the current onslaught of our enemies. Many of our people believe eternity is granted by the God written about in the Bible. Others prefer the wisdom of our pagan ancestors and think the Christian belief system is religious communism created by our enemies.

When we look in the mirror we are looking at the treasure nature has given us and we see that being which we strive to preserve and improve upon eternally. This understanding motivates us to work hard to be beautiful, healthy and fruitful.